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How To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams - ProsperityBee

You can have the best dreams and goals. You can have the best strategies, resources, whatever you want to succeed. But if you can’t motivate yourself to take action on a daily basis


If you can’t motivate yourself no matter how hard you work or how smart you work you don’t succeed. Because when you work hard from a lack of motivation and passion state. It doesn’t produce the results that you want


But when you work and take action based upon your passion and motivation state you 10x the results. Because actually it is not hardworking and taking action merely that causes you to succeed


But it is rather the energetic state that you are in. when you are passionate about doing something you generate a sort of energy that multiplies itself


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So, you have to be able to motivate yourself to chase your dreams constantly. And in this article, you are going to discover some ways and technics that can help you to motivate yourself at any time in your life


The very first thing that you should consider in order to have enough motivation is to find your gift. What do I mean by gift? I mean find something that you are really passionate about and you love to present it to the world


One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail chasing their dreams is that they are running after something just to make money from, to show-off, to upset their friends or to call themselves so-called successful people


If you are chasing something that you are not passionate about it. It will be really hard for you to succeed and will be impossible to achieve fulfillment. Because you easily lose your motivation which causes you to give up and quit


Or if you pick a profession just to make money from but you hate doing it, it is really hard for you to maintain your motivation and also, often you can’t make money as well


But if you are passionate about something, if you can find that gift that each and every one of us has within us. you can definitely succeed and make a lot of money from it too. plus you are most of the time happy, fulfilled and motivated


The secret of all super successful people successes is that they love what they do and they follow their own unique gift. You can do the same


So, please don’t care about money, fame or showing off yet. And I don’t mean that money, fame or luxury things are evil. no, they are great and you should decide to be massively rich and luxury


But what I mean is that you should seek those things through your God-given gift and calling. Your gift can be singing, doing sport, speaking, writing, coding, driving or whatever


Once you find your gift and, add value to other peoples’ lives through your gift and then seek money, fame or whatever through your God-given gift then motivation and positive energy become the part of your heart


With all that being said, you are not going to first achieve successes through pursuing your gift and then be able to motivate yourself, you can motivate yourself from the day when you find your gift and you love doing it


So, the very first thing that you should be aware of is to find your gift and just follow your gift and make your gift shine in all over the places



Find your reasons


The next important thing that you should consider in order to be able to motivate yourself easily is to find out your reasons for what you do on a daily basis


Yes motivational contents, motivational people and positivity. But the ultimate motivation source is the reasons that you have for your works and activities


When you have powerful reasons for chasing your dream and make them come true. You become unstoppable and create an extreme kind of motivation in order to keep going no matter what


Your child or your sister life is a great metaphor for a firry motivation, suppose you want to read a 1000-page book in one day but it seems impossible to you and you don’t have that motivation to do so


But suddenly a dangerous man head over to your home and put a gun on your child’s head or your sister’s head and says: either read this thick book and note 100 great lessons from it in just one day or I pull the trigger now


Guess what happens when you face this situation? yes, you do it no matter what. Why?


Because now you have the strongest reason to do so. because now you have a burning desire within you, a fire in your belly. Now you are ultra motivated to read the book. Because if you don’t do it you will lose your child or your dear sister


But just one hour ago it seemed impossible not because one hour ago it was impossible but because you didn’t have that strong reason. Please read this metaphor again and think a moment


What if you find or create that exact powerful reasons for your goals and your dreams? Firstly you can leverage the same metaphor for your goals. Secondly, if you leverage the power of strong reasons for your goals


Nothing is impossible for you, you can do anything, you can become anyone because those strong reasons give you a powerful motivation that can crush anything, that can make you unstoppable


So, right now, pick a piece of paper and a pen and write down at least 20 strong reasons for your goals in order to bring your motivation back again


Once you do that you see how easily you can motivate yourself to keep chasing your dreams and your goals and you see how easily you can succeed and 10x your prosperity


And remember it is not the size of your goals that seem impossible but it is rather the size of your motivation and your energy. Once you are motivated and are in pick state everything seems possible and easy. Doesn’t it?


So, consider these two great strategies while chasing your dreams and your goals


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