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How To Create Lasting Change Once Forever - ProsperityBee

So many people suffer from not being able to create lasting change in their lives. They wonder why despite their unshakable perseverance still they can’t create lasting change and form some positive habits that last


Of course, perseverance plays a major role when it comes to creating lasting change but it is not the whole game. You should find the lost piece of the puzzle which is going to be revealed to you in this article


Before going any further, watch this video to learn more deeply and effectively

Whatever you do consistently is because of your mental patterns. If you see someone who wakes up at 5 o clock habitually and automatically every single morning. It is not because he/she is special or knows some tricks


It is because of his/her mental patterns that he has developed consciously trough repetition. It may sound interesting to you that you know all of the languages of the world


But if you can’t speak other languages or you don’t understand what others say in that particular language is because you haven’t built that mental pattern related to that language yet


Or you may experience that when you go to a new city. Everything is strange for you and you don’t know where the gas station is, where the restaurant is, where hotels are or what is the address of banks.


If you want to go to the bank you have to ask the address or get help from GPS. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know the addresses. You already know all these addresses. But if you are not able to find those places is because there is no mental pattern in your mind related to those places


It is interesting that even when someone walks you through all the direction towards a bank. But when you want to go to the bank by yourself still you are not able to find the address or you find but very hard



It is because that mental pattern related to that address hasn’t been built strongly yet. The more repeatedly you go to the address the stronger your mental pattern related to the address becomes


Creating lasting change is exactly the same. You see, so many people want to form positive and constructive habits. They want to read books on a daily basis, they want to walk 3 miles each day and so many other things


They keep doing those things for a week or two but suddenly everything returns back its previous situation. a bold example is losing weight


A big percentage of people in the united states and so many other countries suffer from overweight. They all love to live a fit life but they aren’t able to have such kind of lifestyle


They maybe shape that fit body for a month or a year but it is not lasting. After one year or two, they gain the same fatness again


The reason why those people aren’t able to create that lasting change and defeat overweight once and for all is that they aren’t aware of their mental patterns


In any area of your life that you want to bring some changes that last, you should first recognize your mental patterns. Because lasting changing without building mental patterns is doomed to death. The mental pattern is the prerequisite of all changes.


How to build mental patterns


Now you may ask: Ok, now I know how important mental patterns are for lasting change. How to build those mental patterns?


The secret to building a mental pattern is to repeat consciously what you want to do consistently until it becomes unconscious. Do you wonder how some children chew their fingers habitually and unconsciously?


It is because they have a mental pattern now that runs unconsciously in their minds. It is true for adults too. People complain that change is hard. Actually, it is not hard. Initially, it may sound hard to force yourself to read 5 pages of a book every morning


But once you build that mental pattern by repetition it becomes easy and enjoyable to you to read a book every morning because you don’t need to force yourself to read books anymore. It is now a pattern that runs each morning in your head automatically


Let me walk you through how to do that


First and foremost set for yourself a 60-day challenge then choose a habit that you want to form. In this case, you are going to walk wake up at 5 o clock every morning


It may sound hard or impossible if you are not an early raiser person but I promise that works perfectly. Start waking up by reminding yourself with your alarm clock at 5 AM. One thing else that you shouldn’t forget is to write down at least 20 reasons that why you want to wake up at 5 AM


Because your reason gives the motivation to wake up lightly. Just try to wake up at 5 AM each morning. Try not to miss even one-day in order to have your momentum in play. Each morning that wakes up see in your mind that your mental pattern is being made like a string


each morning that you repeat this process your mental pattern gets stronger and thicker until it turns into a very strong and thick cable which eventually become unbreakable


For the first 10 or 15 days, it may sound hard or uncomfortable but as you keep waking up at 5 o clock each morning your mental pattern becomes stronger and thicker


As the mental pattern gets thicker it becomes automatic for you too to wake up at 5 am. When your mental pattern about early raising becomes strong enough then it runs by itself and you will see surprisingly that you can’t even control yourself to remain asleep every morning


It is true in any era of your life that want to create a lasting change. This is how your mental patterns are being made. We can never create a lasting change if we don’t make mental patterns first


And remember: every habit, every behavior, every action and reaction that you produce is based on your mental patterns related to those particular behaviors or actions. If you want to change any habit or any behavior you should start by changing your mental patterns


I hope this article helps you to start changing your life now and if so, please give us a five-star review somewhere on this page


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