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How To Become A Dissatisfied Happy Person - ProsperityBee

So many people delay their happiness for a very simple reason. They think that if they always be happy they are satisfied and they never follow-through


They think that if they become happy they lose their motivation to go after their next goals and dreams. But it is simply not true. It is just an illusion and a wrong mindset and fortunately, you can change this mindset


You can be happy and still dissatisfied for achieving more. You can be happy and still hungry for 10xing the quality of your life. You can be happy and still have that burning desire for taking your life and your business to the next level


watch the video below for more details

So, happiness doesn’t cause you to be satisfied and saturated and never dream again. But if you have this mindset you should decide to change it by reading this article and observing what you will learn.


Being happy and still dissatisfied is called blissful dissatisfaction which is the real happiness that can help you to always grow and want more out of your life while you are deeply happy and enjoying what you do


Yes it is possible that people fall into this fake happiness which is not happiness but an illusion which they think that they are all done


But how to avoid it, is what you are going to discover in this article



#1. Set more and bigger goals


Often, thinking too small causes you to feel saturated and satisfied. When you think too small and set small goals, what happens is that you have motivation and reasons to go after that small goal


And you soon achieve your goals then if you don’t have a bigger goal you feel that you are all done. Those small goals just give you short term happiness which then you lose your motivation and life gets boring


Because achieving goals and buying new things never make you happy. What gives you long-lasting happiness is progress and always being in the way not at the destination


We have so many great examples from movie stars, athletes, singers and players who had just one small or even big goal but when they achieved it, they began to feel empty which eventually some of them even ended their lives


Because they were happy and enthusiastic when they had that goal but after achieving their goals they also lost their happiness or in other word they became satisfied


So, to be always dissatisfied and want more out life you should have big and more goals that when you hit the first goal. Immediately get ready for achieving the second and bigger one


Because the truth is that you can’t settle in the destination but you should be always in the journey towards your next goals. If you have just one goal I promise you that when you achieve it you soon feel satisfied and saturated


So, having bigger and more goals helps you to maintain your hunger and stay on the journey. Besides that, when you have more and bigger goals you feel good about yourself and still have the desire to achieve your next goals. So, do you want to have blissful dissatisfaction in your life? Set bigger and more goals that you are passionate about



#2. Discover your reasons for life


So many people’s happiness depends on external circumstances. Because they don’t have strong enough reasons for living. The worst happiness that you can create within you is to wait something happens in the outside world to change your feeling


But real happiness is when you make progress every day and you have strong enough reasons for each goal you have. When you have strong enough reasons for the things that you do


You are motivated most of the time and you become really happy but still dissatisfied for achieving more. If you are satisfied and don’t have the passion to go after bigger goals it only means that you don’t see any reason to do that


But if you dig deeper inside you, you will find some reasons that can give you energy and motivation to go after your next goals. Because when you find out strong enough reasons for your goals you can’t wait in your comfort zone and you are always trying to become a better person and get more out your life


So, ask yourself, what are your reasons for living and what is your motive to chase bigger goals. When you ask this question you are fueling your inside fire which gives you the motivation to be in the journey towards your next goals


And when you progress you become happy and blissful dissatisfaction comes automatically in your life



#3. Work on your mindset consistently


It is not your bad situation that pest you off and it is not your so-called problems that make unhappy but it is rather your mindset. You can’t have an empty mind.


Your mind is either full of positivity, motivation and inspiration or negativity, frustration and anger. You decide what your mind should be full of. If you work on your mindset and feed your mind with positivity you will have a positive life


But if you don’t work on your mindset consistently it becomes full of negativity and anger. As I mentioned earlier that being happy but satisfied is just a mindset and you can change it


It means it is not a life law but it is rather what you think it is. If you have the right mindset you can become a happy dissatisfied person because it depends on your mindset


Your body is a great metaphor for your mind. If you don’t work out, exercise or don’t care about your nutrition your body soon gets sick and faces problems


It is how your mind works too. If you don’t feed your mind with positive messages and motivational contents you will lose your hunger for success. People misunderstand, they think that if they work on their mindset for a month or two then it is enough for the rest of their lives


But it is a game which never ends. As long as you work on your mindset you are happy and dissatisfied but if you don’t you are not. So, say to yourself that you can become extremely happy dissatisfied person no matter what


I hope this article helps you to 10x your life and prosperity


Share your ideas and questions with us in the comment section below


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