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How Successful People Really Think

How Successful People Really Think

If you realize how successful people think and decide to think like them you simply become one of them. Or if you think like unsuccessful people think you also become one of them because it is a life-law that you become what you think about most of the time


In this article, I want to share with you one of the most important differences between successful and unsuccessful people. Success and failure leave clues. You should be willing to find the success clue and make it as part of your spirit in order to become so

watch the video version here


So, here is how successful people think and how unsuccessful do.

Successful people are always looking for reasons why they should succeed but unsuccessful people are completely the opposite


There is an unchangeable law “ whatever you are looking for you can find”


Successful people are looking for reasons why they should become successful and why they can change their lives in a way that they want. When they look for these reasons their brain focuses on solutions and they come up with these answers. because I am totally healthy

. I have that freedom

. I have great and helpful friends

. I have access to the needed resources

. I have this particular ability. here is a great opportunity for me and so on


Why do they find all these positive excuses for success? Because they were asking different questions. Now all these constructive reasons they’ve come up with are enough to achieve any major goals that they are after


Remember! Whatever reasons you are looking for you can find it


Now see how unsuccessful people think. They are habitually looking for destructive reasons. They are constantly looking for reasons why they are not successful? Why they can’t change their situation? Why they are not happy? When they are asking these type of questions for sure their brain comes up with these type of answers


  • because you are too ugly.
  • you are too old.
  • you don’t deserve that success.
  • you don’t have that fitness.
  • you are not talented enough.
  • you have lost x opportunities.
  • you are in a toxic relationship.
  • you were born in a bad family.
  • you don’t have money.
  • you live in the wrong country and it goes on and on


Successful people come up with those positive excuses not because they are really in a perfect stage of life. Unsuccessful people though come up with all these negative and paralyzing reasons not because they are really in a bad environment


It is just because successful and unsuccessful people ask different questions, focus on two different things and they find two completely different answers


So, you can create your reality by asking different questions. If you study successful people and realize that how successful people think and think like them or in other words ask questions like them you become one


And remember! You are not your problems, you are not your family, you are not you bad relationship but you are simply your thinking and your focus. When you focus on problem you create more of it. When you focus on solution you create more of it


So, never ever judge yourself by your current situation because you can easily change it by changing your focus and your thinking.


The bottom line of this article is that you become successful if you think and behave like them


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If it is helpful to you please share your ideas with others and give us a five-star review to spread the word


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How To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams

How To Easily Succeed With The Power Of Consistency

How To Easily Succeed With The Power Of Consistency

So many of us underestimate the power of consistency with what we do to reach our goals. And we all love to succeed easily and get prosperous without tolerating too much pressure. I believe, if we know and learn the laws of success, we can become successful without suffering too much or get hurt. Because everything has some proper ways of doing it


In this article, you are going to discover one of the most important and powerful laws of success which is called consistency


Before going any further, watch the video below to learn more effectively


What is consistency?

Consistency is taking baby steps towards what you want to get or have in your life on a daily basis. without losing your enthusiasm. It is a power that if you develop it within yourself no matter how big your dream may look like to you, you can achieve it


If you study the history of all iconic figures in any business or industry. You will realize that they became such way just because they took some certain actions consistently until they became that way


The interesting part for so many of those iconic figures or those successful people that you look up to them as role models are that many of them grew up in wrong environments. They didn’t have that support or even some of them were handicap


But despite all those challenges they became massively successful, rich and famous. Yes, it took them years and years to become successful but it doesn’t mean they were doing some special things or got access to magic. NO!


They took the same actions that others take, they ate the same food that others eat, they read the same books that others read. The only difference between those people and others is that they did those things consistently, on a daily basis which others do once in a while


I love this quote of Tony Robbins that reads:” it is not what we do once in a while that changes our destiny, but it is actually what we do consistently.”


I think Bruce Lee says it great too: “I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once but, I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


It shows how doing something consistently affects your success. So, remember, you can become massively successful, rich, wealthy, famous and so much more if you do something consistently for long enough


Actually, you don’t need to be talented or genius to become successful. The only thing you need to succeed is to be consistent with what you do. Because it is proven that people who have consistency defeat those who are talented but aren’t consistent


Do you know how Ronaldo became Ronaldo? According to all researches about him, he was the very first guy who enters the field to exercise and the very last person who exits the field. He repeats the same technics over and over again


Because he knows perfectly that, to win the game is to shoot the ball in a very skillful way and it needs repetition through consistency


So many people want to start a company but 99% of those people fail not because they are not capable of leading and growing the company but just simply because they quit too soon


The reason why they quit too soon is that they don’t understand the power of consistency and they are not willing to take baby steps each and every day without expecting the results yet


but those who keep going and don’t care about the results yet win the game and succeed. Yes, you can be become successful and get great results. without tolerating too much pressure. if you divide that big success into baby steps that allows you to take them on a daily basis through consistency


you may have heard that complexity is the enemy of execution. Because the way towards success is very complicated and long. If you try to take all these steps at once you lose your starting point and your direction which causes you not to take action anymore


but when you take one step at a time you not only succeed easily but more importantly you enjoy the process which is your ultimate goal



people are also worried about competition and saturation. Keep this sentence in your heart forever “competition and saturation is just a mindset” those who take the right action and keep doing it on a consistent basis never fail because of competition


because consistency is the enemy of competition. Before starting writing this article I was listening to Garyvee audio experience where he was answering a 22-year old girl’s question. The girl was so nervous, because of their friends’ successes while she didn’t feel successful


after a long conversation in details, Gary mentioned a very important point which really grabbed my attention and caused me to even replay that part. He said to the girl:” don’t worry, put your head on your own work and do it consistently without expecting the great results yet. because “SLOW AND STEADY WIN THE GAME.”


When I was hearing that point I was just nodding my head and accepting his point. I think it is a life lesson that everybody should learn. Because so many times we get hurry and we forget the law of evolution


We should be self-aware enough to remind ourselves that we are playing a long term game. If we remind ourselves that. we never lose our patience which is a big force that causes us to keep going and keep doing what is needed


Every time that you find yourself hurrying up and going too fast. Pause and remind yourself that you are going towards failure. Be patient while you are doing what is needed consistently


Enjoy the process and fall in love with the process through consistent based actions, because enjoying the process while taking baby steps consistently is the right and the exact path towards your success and your prosperity


This is how exactly the icons and the legends think and do and remember that you can do too


Thank you for learning and reading this article and if you find this valuable give us a five-star review somewhere in this page and share your thoughts and your ideas with us in the comment section below


Keep prospering

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This Is What Exactly You Should Do To Stay Focused

This Is What Exactly You Should Do To Stay Focused

This Is What Exactly You Should Do To Stay Focused

In this day and age, so many people suffer from not being able to stay focused to get more things done or finish their tasks in a sufficient way. We are living in an age of technology where the destructive tools are everywhere


It causes people to lose concentration very easily. It doesn’t necessarily happen for all of us. If you go the right way and pick the right approach about your life you can stay focused as much as you want


In this article, you are going to discover some of the most effective and real tools to regain the power of your focus


Before going any further you can watch the video below to learn even more effectively



  • Reasons


Actually, not being able to stay focused was one of my own biggest challenges. I got easily destructed when I wanted to read a book, write something or even research something on the internet


I remember, I developed a kind of habit. when I wanted to search or read an article on the internet instead of reading the actual article I ended up reading written ads or watching short ads videos which were popping up on the right side or down below of my screen


The funniest part was getting wrong information. I wanted to read an article about fitness. But in the end, I know nothing about fitness because I didn’t read the article. Instead, I got so much useless information about a product named “Dog Shampoo or Female Mask”


Because these ads were showing up somewhere on my screen and I got easily destructed. Even if I didn’t click on those ads still I couldn’t get the actual information in my mind. because while reading the article a big part of my focus was on those ads and was thinking about them or something else


In the beginning, I was blaming those ads and their creators. But I realized that I do the same in the real world. While reading paperback books I cared so much about little noises around me which caused me losing my focus


That losing game went on and on until I got serious about finding the real reason and answer. Finally, after a lot of researches and real experiences in the personal development world. I found the root of this problem. after irradicating the root I gained back my focus and I got great results in my life


So, here is what I found. I found that if you can’t stay focused it doesn’t mean you are not talented, you are not genius or you don’t have that IQ. But it simply means you don’t have strong enough reasons for what you want to accomplish or concentrate on


This exactly the root cause and all other things are cliches. Hey my friend, just think a moment. If someone suddenly shows up and hold the gun on your child’s heart and says: either read this 500-page book in one day and take 100 keynotes from it or I pull the trigger right now!


Which one do you choose? Of course, you choose to read a 500-page book. Can you do that? Of course

Why do you actually do that? Because you have a very big reason.


But if someone shows up and says to you: you should either read a 500-page book in one day or give me 2$. You will probably choose to give 2$. Because I don’t see any logical reason tolerating such pressure on your brain to read a 500-page book in one day


When you have strong enough reasons for what you want to focus on. You can easily focus despite all of the destructions because now, focusing on your task is a must for you


It is not lack of motivation, exustion or IQ that someone can’t stay focused but it is lack of strong reasons for what he/she wants to do.


So, if you are looking for a tool to get your focus back. Here is the best tool.

1.specify what you really really want to do, it can be reading 10 or 20 pages of a book a day without destruction or it can be learning a new language.


2. ask and write, why do want to do that? I have 3 reasons but are not strong enough to push forward. Find 17 more reasons in order to get sufficient power


Please don’t underestimate the power of these two simple steps. These two mental hacks help you not to lose motivation and stay focused until your tasks get done



  • Do what you love


Have you realized so far that when you do something that you love doing it you can easily concentrate on it as well? you can’t do anything without focus. If you want to become the great boxer of all time, focus


If you want to invent something, focus. But if you want to be able to focus on something make sure it is your favorite or you enjoy doing it. Because in this way it is easier for you to stay focused


Choose a goal that you are passionate about achieving it. Do you know? One of the biggest reasons why successful people are successful is that they are in a business which they are passionate about


They love their works. This is why they are successful. Because they can focus and the reason why they can focus on is that they are passionate about what they do on a daily basis


So, if “HOW TO STAY FOCUSED” is your question. Read this article again and learn this huge lessons once and forever. Focus is not some God-given talent or some magic


It is just a matter of your driving force which is being generated by the reasons you have for each goal that you want to accomplish


I believe this article can perfectly help you not to get destructed again and be able to stay focused on the things that move the needle


So, if you feel the same. Give us a five-star review somewhere in this page and more importantly share your ideas and your questions in the comment section below that we can answer you in another exclusive article


Keep prospering


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4 Most Effective Communication Strategies To Master

4 Most Effective Communication Strategies To Master

4 Most Effective Communication Strategies To Master

No matter where you are in your life. Whether you are a business owner or a teacher, student or maybe someone just want to improve the quality of your life. You should learn how to communicate better or even master these 3 effective communication strategies


Because whatever you do with your life you communicate with other people in some form. When you know how to make a relationship and influence others you can turn your dreams into reality with the help of others


The best way you can be a great communicator is to understand others around you. People love to be understood. People do everything for you if you genuinely understand them and respect their core beliefs and their ideas


And the only way you can influence them in the right way. is to use and master these 3 effective communication strategies with each and every person you meet. or you want to make a healthy and sustainable relationship with


Before going any further watch the video below to learn faster


The 4 effective communication strategies are as below


1. Don’t pretend for influence


Human beings are designed with a powerful sense which can easily differentiate wrong from right. When you focus enough on something you can sense if it is real or unreal


Do you know why the divorce rate increases in the world!? Because a great number of couples are not honest with each other. Most of the time they fake it to make it. Surprisingly, people pretend and they think others won’t realize


Though they themselves feel when their partners hide the truth. Still, they pretend to others. The reason why so many people are unable to find a solution to their communication problems is that they don’t accept that each and every one of us can feel the truth really clearly even if the truth is hidden


Have you ever asked yourself? Why when you hear something about a product on the internet. though it is cheap and needed you don’t click. But you hear something else which is not needed and is really expensive


Still, you buy it. Why is it this way? Because when someone tries to sell you something which is not worth it or is fake. No matter how perfectly he describes, your heart can feel that it is not genuine. You can feel it


Versus is also true. When a product is original and real. No matter how badly the owner describes it. You will click and buy it. Because you sense the truth from his eyes and his words. It is not how you advertise it, it is what you sell


This is a great metaphor for your communication. When someone lies to you in a relationship. No matter how perfectly he/she says it. You can feel it through his/her words. And keep in mind, when you try to pretend something which you don’t have it or try to hide the truth


Never ever assume that he/she won’t realize because he/she does. If you stop pretending and be yourself. Others will notice. more importantly, they begin to trust you which causes a healthy and sustainable intimate and social relationship



2. Speak the truth


There is an old proverb which says: “truth harms no one”

Truth and honesty is the base of a healthy life. Nothing is more important in a relationship than being truthful and honest. Because when you speak the truth no matter what. You become reliable and people count on you


I read a book while ago which explains how speaking the truth saved a marriage from a divorce which really touched my heart. The main idea of the story reads like this


There is a young newly married couple John and Maria who really loves each other. Two years after their wedding. One day, John regularly goes to his office for work. 30 minutes after John, Maria also goes out for shopping


As Maria is walking on the street. She surprisingly sees her husband John in his car with a beautiful girl sitting next to him laughing with each other. Guess! What do so many wives do in this situation? They revenge worse than that.


But Maria is Wise enough. she suspiciously canceled her shopping and return back to home waiting for her husband to come home


Eventually, her husband John comes from the office late at night. Maria kisses him on his lips as usual and welcomed him respectfully. When Maria stares at John’s eyes for a while and feels that he has had sex with that girl. So, Maria doesn’t say anything. Just wants to see if John hides the things he is doing. after dinner John thinks to himself: if I hide this truth I am not loyal and if I don’t hide I will definitely miss my wife


Finally he decides to tell the truth no matter what because at least by doing so he never feels guilty. Though he is confident to himself that Maria isn’t aware of the issue


Finally he decides to tell the truth. So, John grabs Maria’s hands and kisses her on the cheek and says: what if I share with you the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life


I know if I say that. you leave me but before marrying you I have decided not to hide anything from you. So, I don’t break my promise. I have to tell you. Sorry for that… but today I had sex with a girl. I am so sorry dear. if I wanted to hide it I could. but I don’t break my promise


when Maria hears the story and sees how John honestly means that. Maria feels from John’s eyes and his words that it is really a mistake not John’s usual behavior. So, after a long stare at each other Maria says: I forgive you just because you speak the truth. I hope you don’t make the mistake again


John also promised her wife not to repeat the mistake again. This is how honesty and a painful truth saves a long life marriage.


I don’t mean anyone to make this mistake and say it to his/her partner but I mean speaking the truth harms no one



3. Don’t Argue


The argument is the death of your communication! In life, everyone wants to win but in communication if you try to win and if you try to prove yourself right you lose. In business when you are winning you get harmony but in relationship, if you want to win you produce the argument


In communication, everyone wants to share her/his ideas not to argue or proves someone right or wrong. You are free to agree or disagree with those who you want to build a relationship with. But don’t show your disagreement with argue


The people who pursued others in the right way and influence them to take action or help them are those who never argue. They show the importance of different ideas


We are living in a world of variety. Everyone has a different idea about the same thing. It doesn’t mean if someone thinks different than you do. He is wrong or you are wrong. No


It is because everyone perceives something based on his/her mental capacity. So, just knowing these 3 effective communication strategies and knowing that people are not supposed to be the same helps you to communicate easily and more effectively



4. Respect other people’s ideas


The last but not least strategy for better communication is to respect other’s ideas. As I mentioned, you can easily influence people when you understand them. People love to be understood


And the only way you can understand them is to respect their ideas and accept the differences. I remember when I first wanted to make friends I used to argue. Because I had different ideas around government, religion, politic issues, and so many other things


I was just trying to prove him wrong. It caused me losing great boys who could be dear friends of mine and I could learn so many great things form them. Until I realized that I was wrong


When I proved them wrong I felt good about myself because I thought I win but unfortunately, it was a big loss. Do you know why the world is expanding and improving faster?


Because everyone thinks differently and do different things. Suppose all people thought the same. Now we would have only one model of car, one kind of clothes and everything would be the same which would be boring and backward


So, the strategy is to accept that everyone thinks right and everyone’s idea is respectful. Because we, human beings can never ever be the same. This is the unchangeable law of  this universe


I hope you learn so much and find these effective communication strategies helpful. If so, please give us a five-star review somewhere in this page and share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comment section below


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3 Proven Causes of Procrastination and Their Antidotes

3 Proven Causes of Procrastination and Their Antidotes

3 Proven Causes of Procrastination and Their Antidotes

The reason why so many people are living an average life is that they procrastinate too much and why they do that is that they don’t know the root causes of procrastination


there is zero physical and mental difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The only reason which causes someone to succeed and causes someone else to fail is that there are some certain things that successful people do but unsuccessful people don’t


there are some specific actions that successful people take but unsuccessful people don’t and there are some things helpful that successful people do but unsuccessful people procrastinate


otherwise, both, successful and unsuccessful people face the same problems, have the same dreams, live in the same society and have the same mental and physical ability


when I say so many people are living an average life and they delay taking actions on their dreams and if you are one of those people. I don’t want to blame you or convince you that you are not worthy enough


but what I mean by saying that is to challenge you to take your goals and your dreams seriously because that the difference. Successful people are not heaven-born or special. Anyone can become an icon in his or her industry if he or she learns the laws of success, discover the causes of procrastination and learn how to overcome it


fortunately, in this article am really inspired to share the 3 scientific proved causes of procrastination. I will also give you powerful tools on how to overcome them once and forever


before going any further watch the video below for even more results

Cause #1: Lack of Confidence

on every action or decision that you procrastinate, you will surprisingly find a lack of confidence in you. Suppose you are a man and you have enough confidence to talk to any boy or man but you don’t have that confidence to talk to a girl or woman. Guess what happens?


when you see a boy on the street that you think he can be a good friend. you immediately reach to him and start talking which tomorrow you end up being friends. Now you see a very beautiful girl or woman that you think she can be a great and loyal girlfriend


but when you want to reach to her you procrastinate and you keep telling yourself next time, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow when the right time comes when I wear my best clothes. It goes on and on until she disappears forever


why do you take two different actions in the same situation? Because in the first situation you were confident, you didn’t have the fear of rejection, you saw yourself worthy enough. But in the second situation you didn’t have that confidence, you were afraid of rejection or you didn’t feel worthy enough which all depends on your level of confidence


it is a great metaphor for your consistent actions and decisions that you want to do about your goals and your dreams. So, if you delay taking action, making a new decision or you fail to finish your to-do list is because you are not confident enough that you can make your dream come true


you don’t have faith in you or you say” what if I fail, what if my actions don’t produce the results that I want”


it is not because you are lazy, you are not worthy of your goals are not achievable but it is because you don’t have enough confidence in your goals.



Cause #2: lack of Reason

If you don’t have strong enough reasons for each action that you take or for each goal that you want to reach. You are not going to get it because achieving goals need inspiration in order to pull you towards themselves


It is not your perseverance that causes you to take action or work hard to lose fat. but it is your reasons that motivate you to do anything to achieve your goals. It is not your laziness. that keeps you from doing the things that your dream requires. but it is a lack of reasons for your dream that cause you to delay starting your own business. or being consistent on what you do each day


Those who are great procrastinators are ones who don’t have enough reasons. for what they want to get in their lives. If you want to beat procrastination each time that you want to take action to build a mindset of “DO IT NOW” and find at least 20 reasons for each major goal that you want to achieve


You don’t have to necessarily have 20 reasons to get your dreams. because sometimes even one giant and really powerful reason can convince you and inspire to do anything to get something. I think Mike Tyson is a great example of this


When he wanted to become the most brutal and the most ferocious boxer of all time. he didn’t have 20 reasons for his goal. Instead, he had only one but very powerful reason. He was suffering from being bullied in his childhood so, he wanted to be the most ferocious bully himself


His reason killed all of his excuses and procrastination that he had. What I mean by having 20 written reasons for each major goal that you have is that if your reasons are not powerful enough to push you forward. Find 20 different reasons to awaken your burning desire for crushing it


And remember, it is not your perseverance that pushes you. it is your WHYS.



Cause #3: Lack of Knowledge

Causes of Procrastination

The third cause of procrastination is not having enough information about the works that you want to do. Fear of the unknown is our nature but it doesn’t mean to tolerate our nature. We should always be willing to find ways to break our comfort zone


And face unknowns because it causes us to learn more and get more information about our goals. And the more we know things about what we want to do in our lives the easier we take actions about it


Of course, knowledge is potential power but the more have potential power the more real power we will have to beat procrastination and take massive actions. If you wonder why people procrastinate or you ask how to stop procrastination


Just remember that it is hard for human beings to face unknowns. If you are asked to choose between going through fire and going through a very dark and mysterious cave which one you will choose?


I am confident that you will pick fire! Why? Because you know and you see through your eyes that what is going on. You know the result and you know how to figure out to pass the fire but in a mysterious dark place you will never know what happens

it is fearful to you even if it is safe. We always delay doing the things that we don’t know enough about



What is the antidote for these causes?


For lack of confidence:

work on your self-confidence by taking baby steps on a daily basis on the things that you are not confident about. In this example talking to your favorite girl is what you should work on by approaching girls consistently


For lack of reasons:

take the time to find your purpose and choose your goals based on your passion. Remember: you rarely delay doing those things that you are passionate about


For lack of knowledge:

study your goals, learn new things about your goals, learn new skills and be lifetime student in your industry


I am confident that if you take this article seriously and if you apply what you have learned here. I promise you that you can definitely overcome procrastination once and for all


If get any value from this article I want you to give us a five-star review and share your ideas with us in the comment section below


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the 3 all-time secrets of happiness in life

the 3 all-time secrets of happiness in life

As you know, happiness is something that every one of us is looking for because it is the ultimate purpose of life. therefore I decided to share with you the 3 all-time secrets of happiness in life


Of course, there are tons of ways to bring happiness in your life but in this article, I want to share the ways that helped me first to become happier in my life. I am confident that I could write 100 secrets of happiness.


But to be honest, the only ways and secrets that impacted me the most are these three that you read below. I am so sure that if you really really want to apply these 3 secrets of happiness in life then you can easily create any kind of life that you desire


Before reading the rest of this article you can watch the video format below as well

 click here to watch on youtube

Secret #1: take control of your focus


I believe the most important secret of happiness in life is taking control of our focus. Because whatever we focus on expands. If we focus on negative aspects of life most of the time, we multiply and attract more of those negative things in our life


Everything we see in this universe is made of energy. Our thought is also a form of energy. When we think or visualize something in our mind, in fact, we send energy to the universe and it brings back the more of what we sent


There is a direct relation between our focus and our state. The things we focus on determine our state. If we focus on positive things and positive aspects of life we feel good and if we focus on negative things we feel bad about ourselves


it is not getting or not getting things which makes us happy or sad but it is what we focus on. It means we can be happy without getting certain things just by taking control of our focus consciously


and also we can be unhappy when we have all those things that we want just by failing to take control of our focus. To proof this. you can find lots of people in your neighborhood who have everything in their life but still, they are frustrated


or you see lots of people who don’t have those things but they are very happy and grateful people. Just because secrets of happiness in life is not getting that dream car, dream house or dream wife but it is the other way round. What you focus on


so, don’t delay your happiness by waiting for getting those shiny objects. Instead, try to change your state by focusing on positive aspects of life each day



secret #2: Enjoy the little things about you


it may sound simplistic but really powerful. Let me ask you a question. Which one is more precious health or a massive wealth? Yes, health. But why aren’t you the happiest person on earth because of your health?


Just because things become routine as time goes by. But you think if you gain that massive wealth then you become happier. Why? Because you don’t have it and once you get that after a while you will again lose your happiness because things don’t have meaning except the meaning you give


Now, if you have this mindset to enjoy the little things  in your life first you live your life to the fullest, second you succeed easily and you multiply your positive state by getting each goal


When I say shiny objects don’t bring the happiness I don’t want to reject money or buying stuff. I really appreciate money and getting prosperous, they are really good and God loving. But I mean the right mindset and the law of happiness


If you say: I don’t have positive things in my life to be grateful about. I promise you that if you open your eyes and if you dig deep in your heart you can find tons of small positive things in your life to be grateful about that they are dreams for others.


For example; you are healthy but so many people suffer from cancer, you may have a car that you can travel the country with but others don’t even have a bike and so many other great things that if you look around you can find.


So, work on your goals each day and take massive action but don’t wait for reaching your goals and then start enjoying your life. Start enjoying right now by appreciating those small or big things about you



Secret #3: make progress

secrets of happiness in life

Progress is equal happiness

Are you looking for secrets of happiness in life? Make progress, go forward not backward. So many people ask, why progress is equal happiness? Because we are designed to progress and keep going all the time


For me, when I don’t make progress or when I don’t work on my business every day I feel I die but when I do something, when I make money or when I go toward my goals and dreams I feel I am the happiest guy on the planet


This is true for all of us. One of the biggest reasons why so many people are not fulfilled and they hate living is because they don’t have clear goals and they don’t have a plan to get those goals. I have studied the most successful people for years and one of the biggest things which they all have in common is having clear goals and a clear plan to work on them on a daily basis


Therefore the most successful people are the happiest people too. Because they are the leader of their focus, they enjoy the little things in their life and they keep going on a daily basis. So, you don’t need to be perfect, famous, wealthy or beautiful to be happy all the time


The only thing you need to be happy is to build the right mindset and focus on what you have not on what you don’t have. And remember the secrets of happiness in life are focus, enjoy little things and make progress each and every day.

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