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Prosperity Bee, Author at ProsperityBee
How Successful People Really Think

How Successful People Really Think

If you realize how successful people think and decide to think like them you simply become one of them. Or if you think like unsuccessful people think you also become one of them because it is a life-law that you become what you think about most of the time


In this article, I want to share with you one of the most important differences between successful and unsuccessful people. Success and failure leave clues. You should be willing to find the success clue and make it as part of your spirit in order to become so

watch the video version here


So, here is how successful people think and how unsuccessful do.

Successful people are always looking for reasons why they should succeed but unsuccessful people are completely the opposite


There is an unchangeable law “ whatever you are looking for you can find”


Successful people are looking for reasons why they should become successful and why they can change their lives in a way that they want. When they look for these reasons their brain focuses on solutions and they come up with these answers. because I am totally healthy

. I have that freedom

. I have great and helpful friends

. I have access to the needed resources

. I have this particular ability. here is a great opportunity for me and so on


Why do they find all these positive excuses for success? Because they were asking different questions. Now all these constructive reasons they’ve come up with are enough to achieve any major goals that they are after


Remember! Whatever reasons you are looking for you can find it


Now see how unsuccessful people think. They are habitually looking for destructive reasons. They are constantly looking for reasons why they are not successful? Why they can’t change their situation? Why they are not happy? When they are asking these type of questions for sure their brain comes up with these type of answers


  • because you are too ugly.
  • you are too old.
  • you don’t deserve that success.
  • you don’t have that fitness.
  • you are not talented enough.
  • you have lost x opportunities.
  • you are in a toxic relationship.
  • you were born in a bad family.
  • you don’t have money.
  • you live in the wrong country and it goes on and on


Successful people come up with those positive excuses not because they are really in a perfect stage of life. Unsuccessful people though come up with all these negative and paralyzing reasons not because they are really in a bad environment


It is just because successful and unsuccessful people ask different questions, focus on two different things and they find two completely different answers


So, you can create your reality by asking different questions. If you study successful people and realize that how successful people think and think like them or in other words ask questions like them you become one


And remember! You are not your problems, you are not your family, you are not you bad relationship but you are simply your thinking and your focus. When you focus on problem you create more of it. When you focus on solution you create more of it


So, never ever judge yourself by your current situation because you can easily change it by changing your focus and your thinking.


The bottom line of this article is that you become successful if you think and behave like them


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If it is helpful to you please share your ideas with others and give us a five-star review to spread the word


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How To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams

How To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams

How To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams

You can have the best dreams and goals. You can have the best strategies, resources, whatever you want to succeed. But if you can’t motivate yourself to take action on a daily basis


If you can’t motivate yourself no matter how hard you work or how smart you work you don’t succeed. Because when you work hard from a lack of motivation and passion state. It doesn’t produce the results that you want


But when you work and take action based upon your passion and motivation state you 10x the results. Because actually it is not hardworking and taking action merely that causes you to succeed


But it is rather the energetic state that you are in. when you are passionate about doing something you generate a sort of energy that multiplies itself


Before going any further watch the video below to learn some detailed information as well

So, you have to be able to motivate yourself to chase your dreams constantly. And in this article, you are going to discover some ways and technics that can help you to motivate yourself at any time in your life


The very first thing that you should consider in order to have enough motivation is to find your gift. What do I mean by gift? I mean find something that you are really passionate about and you love to present it to the world


One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail chasing their dreams is that they are running after something just to make money from, to show-off, to upset their friends or to call themselves so-called successful people


If you are chasing something that you are not passionate about it. It will be really hard for you to succeed and will be impossible to achieve fulfillment. Because you easily lose your motivation which causes you to give up and quit


Or if you pick a profession just to make money from but you hate doing it, it is really hard for you to maintain your motivation and also, often you can’t make money as well


But if you are passionate about something, if you can find that gift that each and every one of us has within us. you can definitely succeed and make a lot of money from it too. plus you are most of the time happy, fulfilled and motivated


The secret of all super successful people successes is that they love what they do and they follow their own unique gift. You can do the same


So, please don’t care about money, fame or showing off yet. And I don’t mean that money, fame or luxury things are evil. no, they are great and you should decide to be massively rich and luxury


But what I mean is that you should seek those things through your God-given gift and calling. Your gift can be singing, doing sport, speaking, writing, coding, driving or whatever


Once you find your gift and, add value to other peoples’ lives through your gift and then seek money, fame or whatever through your God-given gift then motivation and positive energy become the part of your heart


With all that being said, you are not going to first achieve successes through pursuing your gift and then be able to motivate yourself, you can motivate yourself from the day when you find your gift and you love doing it


So, the very first thing that you should be aware of is to find your gift and just follow your gift and make your gift shine in all over the places



Find your reasons


The next important thing that you should consider in order to be able to motivate yourself easily is to find out your reasons for what you do on a daily basis


Yes motivational contents, motivational people and positivity. But the ultimate motivation source is the reasons that you have for your works and activities


When you have powerful reasons for chasing your dream and make them come true. You become unstoppable and create an extreme kind of motivation in order to keep going no matter what


Your child or your sister life is a great metaphor for a firry motivation, suppose you want to read a 1000-page book in one day but it seems impossible to you and you don’t have that motivation to do so


But suddenly a dangerous man head over to your home and put a gun on your child’s head or your sister’s head and says: either read this thick book and note 100 great lessons from it in just one day or I pull the trigger now


Guess what happens when you face this situation? yes, you do it no matter what. Why?


Because now you have the strongest reason to do so. because now you have a burning desire within you, a fire in your belly. Now you are ultra motivated to read the book. Because if you don’t do it you will lose your child or your dear sister


But just one hour ago it seemed impossible not because one hour ago it was impossible but because you didn’t have that strong reason. Please read this metaphor again and think a moment


What if you find or create that exact powerful reasons for your goals and your dreams? Firstly you can leverage the same metaphor for your goals. Secondly, if you leverage the power of strong reasons for your goals


Nothing is impossible for you, you can do anything, you can become anyone because those strong reasons give you a powerful motivation that can crush anything, that can make you unstoppable


So, right now, pick a piece of paper and a pen and write down at least 20 strong reasons for your goals in order to bring your motivation back again


Once you do that you see how easily you can motivate yourself to keep chasing your dreams and your goals and you see how easily you can succeed and 10x your prosperity


And remember it is not the size of your goals that seem impossible but it is rather the size of your motivation and your energy. Once you are motivated and are in pick state everything seems possible and easy. Doesn’t it?


So, consider these two great strategies while chasing your dreams and your goals


Thank you for reading this article. If you get any value please rate us a five-star review and share your idea in the comment section below


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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dream

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dream

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dream

When you really want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you can find thousands of strong reasons to do so. but when you really want to give up you can also find thousands of strong reasons to do so. but who cares


In other words: when you really really want to become successful no matter how bad your situation may be. Just one reason can pull you towards your dream through all the challenges. The verse is just as true


The reality is there is no proper reason for you to give up on your dream. Because you were born for your dream. You can’t do the opposite. There is no single reason to give up. but If you have one or you can find some. It is not the reality but it is what you think it should be


Because the human mind is so creative that creates even fake reasons appearing real otherwise it is not


In this article, you are going to discover the 5 real reasons on why you shouldn’t give up on your dream


Before going any further you can watch the video format below


1: because your dream is your destiny


A poor guy was walking across a long dry desert alone. As he was walking, he suddenly found a sack full of money. When he saw the money he didn’t pick up the sack


Not because he didn’t need money but because he accepted that poverty is his destiny, not wealth. If so many people live an average life. or they don’t succeed despite a lot of struggles and hard-working. it is not because they don’t need prosperity but because they believe mediocrity and failure is their destiny


But the truth is that you were born with a magnificent dream and you are destined to live your dream. but if you fail to live your dream. it doesn’t mean that failure is your destiny but it is because you have chosen failure as your destiny


It is like; when you are invited for dinner. And you are supposed to have some Different delicious foods. But if you choose not to eat those foods. It doesn’t mean that you are invited not to eat food but it means YOU have decided not to eat food


So, believe that success, prosperity, happiness, and love is your destiny and you are supposed to live such kind of life. But if you give up. it doesn’t mean that your destiny is in such a way but it is because you chose to


So, the most powerful reason why you shouldn’t give up on your dream is that living your dream is your destiny and you should believe it



2: because no one else can do it


The second powerful and real reason why you shouldn’t give up on your dream is that no one else can live your dream. Nobody can accomplish your mission. It is yours. If you feel that you really love being a singer go for it and practice singing over and over again until you become one


Because no one else can sing your song. No one has the voice that you have. It is yours. It is your gift. You can easily realize if a particular business or profession is your calling or mission. If you are passionate about it or if you deeply love doing it


It means it is your calling. It is your mission and you should take it seriously. If you deeply love writing and you are passionate about it. It means it is what you should be doing for the rest of your life. It is what you can expand yourself with


If you don’t do it no one else can do it for you. No one can write your books and no one’s book can affect the world in such a way that your book does


If you feel you love a particular business or profession. you don’t feel it by accident. It is what God has put into your heart. So, take it seriously and believe that you can do it regardless of its size. Because God, universe or whatever you believe in helps you. So, chase it down because no one can do it except you



3: Because it is worth it


If you are along the journey towards your dream and because of so-called problems you are induced to give up. Hold on a minute and imagine the back-breaking price that you should pay if you give up


Imagine the burning regret that you will have if you quit. And imagine all the time that you have spent so far and ask yourself: can you compensate for all these things and can you really tolerate the pressure of late regret?


If you can, then give up. But if you are still hesitant, then imagine that you have passed all those challenges and now you live your dream life and you own everything you wanted


Now ask yourself: is it worth it to go through your current problems and solve them instead of getting upset by them and eventually give up on your dream?


If your dream worth solving big problems then never ever give up on your dream. Because the price of quitting is much higher and painful than the price of chasing your dream no matter what


99.99 percent of the time when you are induced to give up. you should choose not to, because, your dream 100 percent worth chasing it just because you were born to live your dream life


But unfortunately most of the time people think that if they are supposed to live their dream. Then there shouldn’t be a single obstacle on the way. Everything should be perfect from beginning


But it is not. Because the ultimate purpose of the universe is to be expanded and improved. It only expands when every one of us solves a problem on the way towards our dream


So, the only reason why you should face problems while chasing your dream is that you should help the universe to improve which the consequence  of solving problems is that you achieve your goals and the world expands


So, with all that being said, it is worth it not to give up on your dram



4: because there are no other options


The fourth reason why you shouldn’t give up on your dream is that you don’t have other options. If you give up and if you forget your dream you don’t have another option except living a hateful life which is the ultimate death


The worst possible thing that can happen to a human being is dying while his/her gift remains unwrapped in the heart. This worst situation can happen just by a choice in seconds “giving up on your dream”


Remember: life is a gift from God for you and the way you live life is your gift to God. God gave you a magnificent mission and dream. The most pernicious gift that you can present to God is accomplishing your mission and living your dream


And the worst gift that you can present to God is living an average life when you knew you were capable of doing great things. The most worthless gift that you can present to God is dying in your 90s while your greatness is still unwrapped within you


So, never ever give up because you don’t have any other options for a great life except living your God-given dream and mission



5: because you can do it


Last but not least real reason why you shouldn’t give up on your dream is that you can do it. Your power is limitless and your potential is unmeasurable. You can do anything and you can achieve anything


Remember: if God has given you a dream it means you are capable of living it, otherwise you would never be thinking about. God, universe, consciousness, whatever you believe in never puts something in your heart that you can’t do it


So, never ever doubt your ability to chase your dream and make it come true because on the way towards your goals God is your leader and he is the perfect leader. He can guide you towards things that can help you to change your life that nobody can do it


So, NEVER EVER NEVER GIVE UP on your dream


I really appreciate you took the time to read this life-changing article. If you’ve gotten any value please rate us a five-star review and share this with your friends to help them as well


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How To Become A Dissatisfied Happy Person

How To Become A Dissatisfied Happy Person

How To Become A Dissatisfied Happy Person

So many people delay their happiness for a very simple reason. They think that if they always be happy they are satisfied and they never follow-through


They think that if they become happy they lose their motivation to go after their next goals and dreams. But it is simply not true. It is just an illusion and a wrong mindset and fortunately, you can change this mindset


You can be happy and still dissatisfied for achieving more. You can be happy and still hungry for 10xing the quality of your life. You can be happy and still have that burning desire for taking your life and your business to the next level


watch the video below for more details

So, happiness doesn’t cause you to be satisfied and saturated and never dream again. But if you have this mindset you should decide to change it by reading this article and observing what you will learn.


Being happy and still dissatisfied is called blissful dissatisfaction which is the real happiness that can help you to always grow and want more out of your life while you are deeply happy and enjoying what you do


Yes it is possible that people fall into this fake happiness which is not happiness but an illusion which they think that they are all done


But how to avoid it, is what you are going to discover in this article



#1. Set more and bigger goals


Often, thinking too small causes you to feel saturated and satisfied. When you think too small and set small goals, what happens is that you have motivation and reasons to go after that small goal


And you soon achieve your goals then if you don’t have a bigger goal you feel that you are all done. Those small goals just give you short term happiness which then you lose your motivation and life gets boring


Because achieving goals and buying new things never make you happy. What gives you long-lasting happiness is progress and always being in the way not at the destination


We have so many great examples from movie stars, athletes, singers and players who had just one small or even big goal but when they achieved it, they began to feel empty which eventually some of them even ended their lives


Because they were happy and enthusiastic when they had that goal but after achieving their goals they also lost their happiness or in other word they became satisfied


So, to be always dissatisfied and want more out life you should have big and more goals that when you hit the first goal. Immediately get ready for achieving the second and bigger one


Because the truth is that you can’t settle in the destination but you should be always in the journey towards your next goals. If you have just one goal I promise you that when you achieve it you soon feel satisfied and saturated


So, having bigger and more goals helps you to maintain your hunger and stay on the journey. Besides that, when you have more and bigger goals you feel good about yourself and still have the desire to achieve your next goals. So, do you want to have blissful dissatisfaction in your life? Set bigger and more goals that you are passionate about



#2. Discover your reasons for life


So many people’s happiness depends on external circumstances. Because they don’t have strong enough reasons for living. The worst happiness that you can create within you is to wait something happens in the outside world to change your feeling


But real happiness is when you make progress every day and you have strong enough reasons for each goal you have. When you have strong enough reasons for the things that you do


You are motivated most of the time and you become really happy but still dissatisfied for achieving more. If you are satisfied and don’t have the passion to go after bigger goals it only means that you don’t see any reason to do that


But if you dig deeper inside you, you will find some reasons that can give you energy and motivation to go after your next goals. Because when you find out strong enough reasons for your goals you can’t wait in your comfort zone and you are always trying to become a better person and get more out your life


So, ask yourself, what are your reasons for living and what is your motive to chase bigger goals. When you ask this question you are fueling your inside fire which gives you the motivation to be in the journey towards your next goals


And when you progress you become happy and blissful dissatisfaction comes automatically in your life



#3. Work on your mindset consistently


It is not your bad situation that pest you off and it is not your so-called problems that make unhappy but it is rather your mindset. You can’t have an empty mind.


Your mind is either full of positivity, motivation and inspiration or negativity, frustration and anger. You decide what your mind should be full of. If you work on your mindset and feed your mind with positivity you will have a positive life


But if you don’t work on your mindset consistently it becomes full of negativity and anger. As I mentioned earlier that being happy but satisfied is just a mindset and you can change it


It means it is not a life law but it is rather what you think it is. If you have the right mindset you can become a happy dissatisfied person because it depends on your mindset


Your body is a great metaphor for your mind. If you don’t work out, exercise or don’t care about your nutrition your body soon gets sick and faces problems


It is how your mind works too. If you don’t feed your mind with positive messages and motivational contents you will lose your hunger for success. People misunderstand, they think that if they work on their mindset for a month or two then it is enough for the rest of their lives


But it is a game which never ends. As long as you work on your mindset you are happy and dissatisfied but if you don’t you are not. So, say to yourself that you can become extremely happy dissatisfied person no matter what


I hope this article helps you to 10x your life and prosperity


Share your ideas and questions with us in the comment section below


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How To Create Lasting Change Once Forever

How To Create Lasting Change Once Forever

How To Create Lasting Change Once Forever

So many people suffer from not being able to create lasting change in their lives. They wonder why despite their unshakable perseverance still they can’t create lasting change and form some positive habits that last


Of course, perseverance plays a major role when it comes to creating lasting change but it is not the whole game. You should find the lost piece of the puzzle which is going to be revealed to you in this article


Before going any further, watch this video to learn more deeply and effectively

Whatever you do consistently is because of your mental patterns. If you see someone who wakes up at 5 o clock habitually and automatically every single morning. It is not because he/she is special or knows some tricks


It is because of his/her mental patterns that he has developed consciously trough repetition. It may sound interesting to you that you know all of the languages of the world


But if you can’t speak other languages or you don’t understand what others say in that particular language is because you haven’t built that mental pattern related to that language yet


Or you may experience that when you go to a new city. Everything is strange for you and you don’t know where the gas station is, where the restaurant is, where hotels are or what is the address of banks.


If you want to go to the bank you have to ask the address or get help from GPS. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know the addresses. You already know all these addresses. But if you are not able to find those places is because there is no mental pattern in your mind related to those places


It is interesting that even when someone walks you through all the direction towards a bank. But when you want to go to the bank by yourself still you are not able to find the address or you find but very hard



It is because that mental pattern related to that address hasn’t been built strongly yet. The more repeatedly you go to the address the stronger your mental pattern related to the address becomes


Creating lasting change is exactly the same. You see, so many people want to form positive and constructive habits. They want to read books on a daily basis, they want to walk 3 miles each day and so many other things


They keep doing those things for a week or two but suddenly everything returns back its previous situation. a bold example is losing weight


A big percentage of people in the united states and so many other countries suffer from overweight. They all love to live a fit life but they aren’t able to have such kind of lifestyle


They maybe shape that fit body for a month or a year but it is not lasting. After one year or two, they gain the same fatness again


The reason why those people aren’t able to create that lasting change and defeat overweight once and for all is that they aren’t aware of their mental patterns


In any area of your life that you want to bring some changes that last, you should first recognize your mental patterns. Because lasting changing without building mental patterns is doomed to death. The mental pattern is the prerequisite of all changes.


How to build mental patterns


Now you may ask: Ok, now I know how important mental patterns are for lasting change. How to build those mental patterns?


The secret to building a mental pattern is to repeat consciously what you want to do consistently until it becomes unconscious. Do you wonder how some children chew their fingers habitually and unconsciously?


It is because they have a mental pattern now that runs unconsciously in their minds. It is true for adults too. People complain that change is hard. Actually, it is not hard. Initially, it may sound hard to force yourself to read 5 pages of a book every morning


But once you build that mental pattern by repetition it becomes easy and enjoyable to you to read a book every morning because you don’t need to force yourself to read books anymore. It is now a pattern that runs each morning in your head automatically


Let me walk you through how to do that


First and foremost set for yourself a 60-day challenge then choose a habit that you want to form. In this case, you are going to walk wake up at 5 o clock every morning


It may sound hard or impossible if you are not an early raiser person but I promise that works perfectly. Start waking up by reminding yourself with your alarm clock at 5 AM. One thing else that you shouldn’t forget is to write down at least 20 reasons that why you want to wake up at 5 AM


Because your reason gives the motivation to wake up lightly. Just try to wake up at 5 AM each morning. Try not to miss even one-day in order to have your momentum in play. Each morning that wakes up see in your mind that your mental pattern is being made like a string


each morning that you repeat this process your mental pattern gets stronger and thicker until it turns into a very strong and thick cable which eventually become unbreakable


For the first 10 or 15 days, it may sound hard or uncomfortable but as you keep waking up at 5 o clock each morning your mental pattern becomes stronger and thicker


As the mental pattern gets thicker it becomes automatic for you too to wake up at 5 am. When your mental pattern about early raising becomes strong enough then it runs by itself and you will see surprisingly that you can’t even control yourself to remain asleep every morning


It is true in any era of your life that want to create a lasting change. This is how your mental patterns are being made. We can never create a lasting change if we don’t make mental patterns first


And remember: every habit, every behavior, every action and reaction that you produce is based on your mental patterns related to those particular behaviors or actions. If you want to change any habit or any behavior you should start by changing your mental patterns


I hope this article helps you to start changing your life now and if so, please give us a five-star review somewhere on this page


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